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Who we are

TapMedia — a company with extensive work experience in Digital Marketing and Ad Tech. We have created and developed ready-to-use IT products and services for our clients during that time. TapMedia is responsible not only for the products but also to people who are working with us. That’s why one of our major goals is to create a team to belong to.

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At the moment, TapMedia has two offices in the largest Ukrainian cities: Odesa, Kharkiv. Each venue is more than just a workplace, it is our home 2.0. Here, we work hard, rest after a productive day and party with our colleagues.

We are ready to provide everything that is necessary to create the highest quality product under your brand. Relying on many years of experience, we will help turn your idea into a unique and successful project.

Being atop of global digital trends is not enough. We continue to push the limits, day after day.

Our mission is to inspire people to create efficient solutions and services in digital marketing and Ad Tech
Our values
  • Proactiveness. We value initiative and enthusiasm.
  • Continuous development. We never stop learning.
  • Working together. We know that teamwork is the best way to get better results.
  • Getting things done. We value results over process. Done is better than perfect.
  • Striving for efficiency. We are always looking for the most suitable and productive way to solve the task.
  • Driving digital innovation. We aim to improve the industry with our actions, products, and services.
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