We believe that business has to be responsible for creating better present and future for our country. As one of the largest IT companies in Ukraine, it is our duty to support projects that can build a healthy, open and economically oriented community of citizens.


Before the program had received its name in 2017, our teammates had been inspiring each other by showcasing their kindness, willingness to help and care.

Now, TapCare is an official charitable initiative that supports various social projects on a monthly basis. Be it financial aid or a hands-on volunteering campaign, we are ready to help.

What we do

There are three main activities we support under our TapCare program. Although we have implemented dozens of useful projects, we are always ready for the incoming ideas, that do not fit into existing categories.

Our team prepares gifts for orphans and elderly, provides support to cancer patients and people with disabilities, actively participates in the construction of shelters for homeless animals.
Environment Protection
We try to minimize our negative impact on the environment. The tradition of collecting plastic waste for further processing exists from the day the company was founded.
Social Responsibility
We actively support platforms and projects that strive to improve life in the cities of Ukraine.
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