We care about what is important

We are convinced that modern business must take care of social interests and be responsible for the quality of services and resource consumption.

As one of the largest IT teams in Ukraine, we consider it our duty to support projects aimed at building a healthy, open and economically oriented community of citizens.

We created a charitable program TapCare for this.

About TapCare

TapCare is a charitable initiative launched by TapMedia in 2017. Under the program, every month we support various social projects financially and by volunteers from among our employees.

The creation of TapCare became a logical continuation of the series of "good deeds" made possible by the company throughout its existence. As more and more employees began to show interest in charity, we decided to launch the program on an ongoing basis.

What we do

We distinguish three main activities of TapCare, in which dozens of useful projects have already been implemented. At the same time, we are always ready to support a worthy undertaking that is not within the scope of these categories.


We gladly lend a helping hand to those who need it most. Our team annually prepares gifts for orphans, pensioners, provide money to cancer patients and invalids, actively participates in the construction of shelters for homeless animals.

Protection of the environment

We try to minimize the negative human impact on the environment. The tradition of collecting plastic waste for further processing exists from the day the company was founded.

Social responsibility

We actively support platforms and projects aimed at improving life in the cities where our offices are located.

Do you know anyone who needs help?

Write to us! We will consider all applications.