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TapMedia — это стабильность, успешность и карьерный рост.
Мечтаете реализовать себя? Хотите стать частью международного креативного сообщества и применить свои таланты и знания для создания действительно интересных проектов? Тогда для вас всегда найдется место в нашей команде.

Мы предлагаем:

Увлекательные проекты и интересные задачи
Богатые возможности для самореализации и карьерного роста
Работа в теплой дружеской атмосфере
Достойная зарплата и бонусы
Гибкий рабочий график
24 дня оплачиваемого отпуска и оплачиваемые больничные
Участие в корпоративных мероприятиях
Профессиональные семинары и тренинги

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Affiliate Manager
Киев, Одесса, Харьков, Сумы

We're currently looking for an enthusiastic Affiliate Manager, who will be responsible for the evolution and growth of the affiliate program.
SaaS Sales Manager

We are looking for a high energy SaaS Sales Manager to join our team on a full-time basis. Our ideal candidate is intelligent, curious and brings a solid prior experience in sales management in SaaS.
IT Recruiter
We’re looking for an ambitious, self-motivated and results oriented Recruiting Specialist to join our recruitment team!

Account Manager
Харьков, Одесса, Киев, Сумы

We're looking for highly motivated and well-organized Account Manager, who will be apt to build strong relationships with new and existing advertisers.
CPA Team Lead
We're currentlly looking for an experienced and result-oriented CPA Team Lead to join our team! If you're able to manage a team, have experience working with CPA and analytics you could be the one we're looking for!
Financial Manager
Одесса, Харьков

We are looking for an ambitious and results oriented Financial Manager to provide accurate and data based information on company’s profitability and  stability.

Affiliate Manager (Desktop)
Днепр, Харьков, Киев, Одесса

We're looking for motivated and experienced Affiliate Manager with a special focus on Desktop, who will be responsible for the evolution and growth of the affiliate program.

PR Manager

We're looking for an exciting Public Relations Manager, who has strong organisational and problem solving skills, ability to work on multiple projects which include business/charity events and media campaigns.

We are looking for a Technical Support Engineer to join our support team who will be able to solve challenging issues of customer-oriented and internal software.
Sales Manager

We’re looking for a goal-oriented Sales Manager, who will manage strategic sales activities to ensure revenue and profitability objectives. 

We're looking for a highly motivated Business Development Manager with ambition, passion, and creativity.

Senior Software Developer (Golang)
Одесса, Киев

We are currently looking for an experienced Back End Developer, who mastered in Go. If you are interested in development of high load microservice architecture we are looking forward to give you an opportunity to reveal your talents.
Head of eCommerce department
Одесса, Киев

We're looking for an ambitious and result-oriented Head of eCommerce department, who will act as the eCommerce channel expert.
We are looking for an IT Copywriter to produce high-quality texts that contribute to the overall success of our product and customers’ projects.
Head of CPA Department
Одесса, Киев
We’re looking for an experienced affiliate manager for the position Head of CPA Department who will be responsible for strategically growth and development of new
and existing affiliates in order to meet CPA goals!

We are looking for a bright and talented lawyer in digital marketing.


System Administrator

We are currently looking for an experienced System Administrator who will be responsible for troubleshooting, maintaining and implementing solutions to optimize the infrastructure operations.

We’re looking for a result-oriented Product Marketing Specialist for a SaaS product in the digital advertising industry.

We’re looking for an experienced Front-end Developer (React), who can quickly adapt and take an active part in development of high load platform from the start lifecycle to the release!
HR People Partner
Одесса, Харьков

We are looking for a HR People Partner who is passionate about what he/she does and gives people a reason to believe everything is possible!

HR Coordinator
We are looking for a highly organized and result-oriented HR Coordinator to join our team!
Head of HR Operations

We are looking for highly self-motivated, results oriented Head of HR Operations who has the ability to interact and influence across all levels of the organization and work closely with key teams to drive positive change.

Product Manager

We are looking for a proactive and result-oriented Product Manager to join our company. The position requires strategic planning and teamwork skills to develop and implement effective solutions to meet business goals.